My bag

I love this genre, but I also love to go as light, minimalist as possible. So I don’t carry a lot of extra stuff. Just the stuff that I can’t do without in my normal rhythm in the field. So what’s in my day bag?

Burton backpack - I’ve cycled with it many times in torrential rain and the electronics and stuff inside have always stayed cool. Lots of pockets for organization. I love it.

MacBook Pro - I still work on a ThinkPad X240 with Arch Linux, but I can’t do what I do on a Mac. Nothing will make me give up the UNIX architecture.

USB-C adapter - Because I have a Mac from the blind development line that they only put USB-C ports in.

USB octopus - For charging/connecting anything else.

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife - There’s no better multitool than a Swiss Army Knife. They come in handy more often than one would think.

Wallet and keys - No brainer in as small a design as possible.

Pack of masks – Because there’s never enough of them and they get lost all the time.

Moleskine weekly planner - I’m in my 12th year with these and use it for quick notes, agenda and thoughts. If I had to phase everything out, the Moleskine would be the last.

Larger Moleskine notebook with Smart Pen - For larger write-ups and sketches. The pages display 1:1 in the app on your phone. Good for going back to a note when I don’t have it with me.

Magic Mouse - Making graphics on the TouchPad is a lot easier. I’m way too used to it.

Water bottle - I try to drink 4l of water a day, having a water bottle on me makes it much easier.

AirPods - They work perfectly in the Apple ecosystem. I can’t leave the house without them.

Chewing Tobacco - Because I haven’t managed to get rid of all the sins of my youth yet.